A whiter shade of black

Sailing between Finland and San Fransisco

White Sails is the project that sprang from the collaboration between singer Leigh Gregory (ex-Mellow Drunk) and multi-instrumentalist Ville Vilpponen (ex-Dora Flood, The Bias), along with Ville’s brother Jaakko on drums.

The three met in San Fransisco, but as Ville and Jaakko moved back to Helsinki during the summer of 2012, White Sails became a bi-continental endeavor.

Their self-titled debut album, which was released earlier this year by Ruska Records, is characterized by slow-paced tunes where the atmospheric music blends smoothly with the thick, suggestive vocal lines. Firmly rooted in the ’70s classic/prog-rock tradition, the album still manages to sound refreshingly modern.

New White Sails EP

A new EP by White Sails is scheduled to be released in August by Fruits de Mer Records, including new material along with two covers of the early Black Sabbath instrumentals ‘Laguna Sunrise’ and ‘Fluff’. Listening again to these forgotten gems played with a brand new, polished sound is a real treat and a perfect complement to Sabbath’s own spectacular comeback earlier this summer.

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