Soundtrack to a crisis

It seems that today, music news is pretty much the only good news coming from Greece. Amidst the harsh political, financial and social crisis, a new wave of young Greek artists is emerging, whose music manages to capture the widespread anger, disillusionment and insecurity, channeling and transforming these feelings  into something both beautiful and hopeful.

Influenced by such bands as The White Stripes and The Black Keys, the blues duo Boogieman & Little Tonnie (aka The Big Nose Attack) have developed their own ‘dirty’ yet powerful sound. Wandering the streets of crisis-struck Athens, they sing about “how things change”…

Things have changed indeed, and things need to change anew, but this time for the better. How this transition can take place has been a subject of endless debate and speculation – perhaps a voodoo state of mind is indeed necessary, as Baby Guru claim,  so as to move “away from your darkest times” to “a new thing going on.”

Minor Project have been one of the most promising bands to spring up in this flourishing new age of Greek art music. Their ethereal melodies and colorful tunes serve as a much needed reminder that hopes and dreams can still survive even in the darkest of times.

To find the the way out of the darkness and into the light remains the ultimate challenge for Greek society right now. The light wherein “everything looks beautiful and bright”, as upcoming singer-songwriter Irene Skylakaki sings rather melancholically. And “the clock is ticking”

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